Christmas is here.png

Christmas Is Here!

by A Sound State

Delightful album of Christmas songs ranging from dark magical music to lush orchestral waltz and upbeat pop. Great for holiday branding, TV/film and games.

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  • 2:39
    Bright and festive, featuring upbeat ukulele, funky horns, bells, and claps. Perfect for creating a joyous celebratory mood.
  • 2:41
    Full of confidence and pomp, a sophisticated classical arrangement that is filled with bright strings, bells, and motivational percussion.
  • 2:34
    A delightfully romantic track, featuring lush strings, bells, harp and woodwinds, creating a heartfelt and warm atmosphere.
  • 2:36
    Inspired by the dark magical styles of Danny Elfman/Tim Burton, conjuring a fairylike otherworld where Christmas takes on a darker twist with an epic climax towards the end. Full orchestral arrangement with bells and chimes in the ethereal introduction.